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British Isles and Ireland. 1762. By Homann Heirs


Celestial chart focusing on the northern and southern stars and their zodiac symbols,1762 by Homann Hiers


Double hemisphere world map with additional projections.1752 by Homann Heirs


England and Wales 1762 by Homann Heirs


Ireland 1762 by Homann Heirs


RARE Main title page of Homann Heirs Atlas 1762


Rare second title page from Homann Heirs atlas. With northern Hemisphere map 1762


Roman Empire. 276-282 C.E. Probus. 95% silver ring


Scotland 1762 by Homann Heirs


Silver geometric design earrings. Triangle


Silver geometric shape earrings. Oval


Silver geometric shape earrings. Rectangle


Silver geometric shape earrings. Round


Silver geometric shape earrings. Square


Solar system ‘systema solare et planetraruin’ 1762 by Homann Heirs


Striking portrait of Johann Baptiste Homann. From his atlas by Homann Heirs 1762


Women of the Roman Empire. Julia Domna. Set in column design ring


Women of the Roman Empire. Julia Measa. Silver column design ring


Women of the Roman Empire. Julia Soaemias. 220 C.E. Silver column design ring