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America’s. With California as a island


Ancient Gaul (France) based on ancient geographic knowledge


Ancient Gaul (France) based on Julius Caesar’s writing. By Ortelius


Ancient Greece. Athens


Ancient India, western Satrap


Ancient India. Gupta Empire


Ancient India. Indo Scythian. Paratarajas


Ancient India. Kashi Janapada


Ancient India. Magadha


Ancient India. Satavahana RARE


Ancient India. Western Satrap


Antigua. RARE early map








Balkans. Serbia. Bulgaria. Romania, Albania. Moldova. Bosnia. Croatia.


Balkans. Turkey in Europe with city views


Barbados. RARE detailed map


Barbary coat. North west Africa. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya


Bay of Fundy. RARE. Best map of area to date


Byzantine Christ coin in 95% silver bracelet


Byzantine Empire Michael ll 820-829 A.D.


Byzantine Empire, Leo V


Byzantine Empire. 1000-1100 C.E set in silver necklace


Byzantine Empire. Set in 18k gold pendent


Caspian Sea. Detailed map. Best to date


Castle Sant’Angelo and surrounding area in Rome, 1683/85 by Mallet.


Creatures on Ancient Greek Coins Poster


Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. By Ortelius